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Greetings of the Holiday Season, fam!

It’s been a few busy weeks managing to squeeze out time from multiple jobs. But, your girl has got it right on time. As we’re approaching the end of 2023, I’d like to talk about all the fashion trends that made us happier (like the baggy bottoms) and trending things that inspired the fashion industry of the UK. Alright, fashion aficionados and cheeky trendsetters, gather ’round as we take a jolly stroll through the fashion mayhem that was 2023! These are the 15 fashion trends defined London’s style scene. Stick with me, and let’s dive into this delightful wardrobe extravaganza.

1. No Trousers!

Besides London’s famous no-pants tube, last November, Kendall Jenner graced the streets of Los Angeles in a Bottega Veneta getup with a navy sweater and just tights. What started as a potential wardrobe malfunction turned into the classic 2023 move – going pantless. It’s a modus operandi, darlings. While you and me would rather not dare to, but I tried on the trend by wearing a 200 denier tights with an oversized jumper dress, it was giving!

2. Denim Maxi skirt

Denim skirts took over the streets in 2023, giving a nod to the indie-era of the early noughties. But forget the mini skirts in early autumn – it’s all about the boho maxi, especially if it’s rocking that faux-DIY triangle effect on the front hem. It’s a bit bonkers, but hey, so are we, no? Got myself a classic blue denim maxi skirt and trust me, I can pull out 10 different looks out of it. Game-changer!

3. DJ Headphones, please

While Apple’s shrinking their headphones to the size of a flea, the young’uns are embracing the DJ-style headsets of the early aughts. Over-the-ear headphones stayed a constant on TikTok – proving that Natalie Portman’s ‘Garden State’ scene with Zach Braff is timeless, innit? If you haven’t got one, this is your sign to ditch the ear muffs and put on a cool tech accessory over your head and sway your way to the rhythm of your Spotify.

4. ‘Super-Duper Soft’ Speedy Vuitton Bag—for Men

Pharrell Williams dropped a bomb on Louis Vuitton with his ‘super-duper soft’ Speedy bag. Forget canvas – it’s all about leather softer than a puppy’s belly. Price tag? A cool mill. You might not have to pay if you’re as cool as Jackson Wang, LeBron James, or Jacob Elordi, but we’re not making promises.

5. Cotton Boxer Shorts

For the Gen Z’ers who wanted to go knickerless but couldn’t bear to walk around in their undies, the men’s cotton boxer shorts phenomenon was the sartorial salvation. TikTok showed the way, and now Uniqlo’s boxers are hotter than a summer day on the Tube.

6. Maison Margiela Tabis (Please Do Not Steal – jk!)

Now, let’s talk TikTok drama, shall we? Maison Margiela’s Tabis, those split-toe shoes that were once the secret handshake of fashion insiders, decided to crash the mainstream party. A cheeky tale of a stolen pair, a villain caught, and a heroine scoring a new pair of Tabi Mary Janes – all on TikTok. Because why not?

7. Frog Wellies Courtesy of Fashion’s Own Doctor Dolittle, Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson, our very own fashion Dr. Dolittle, decided we all needed Wellipets on our feet. What are Wellipets, you ask? Animal-themed rubber slides and boots, darling! Because who wouldn’t want frogs on their feet? ASAP Rocky and Emily Ratajkowski clearly got the memo – fashion is escapism, after all.

8. Bag Britney Spears’s ‘The Woman in Me’

In October, Britney Spears finally spilled the tea in her memoir, “The Woman In Me“. Addison Rae seized the moment, parading around Los Angeles with the book, a phone, a soda can, and a purse clearly not doing its job. She became the woman in all of us, embracing chaos with style. If you’re a millennial you know how much influence this iconic woman has on us while growing up. (from her unique fashion style to the way she kept her hair)

9. Messi’s Non–Barbie Pink Miami Jersey

Lionel Messi, our soccer maestro, decided to shake things up in 2023 by donning a not-so-Barbie pink Inter Miami jersey. Suddenly, everyone wanted a slice of the pink pie, and the bootleg industry had a field day. Almost five months later, the official Messi jersey is still on a waitlist. It’s like a fashion soap opera – you can’t predict the next twist.

10. Bend It Like Martine Rose’s Nike Shox

Martine Rose, the sneaker maestro, turned Nike Shox into the must-have kicks of the year. FIFA Women’s World Cup, a jacked-up platform, and color palettes that would make a unicorn jealous – that’s how you do sneakers, darling. They’re impossible to miss, just like that questionable stain on your favorite pub carpet.

11. The COS Quilted Bag

Hold on to your crumpets, folks – we’ve got a fashion surprise that won’t break the bank! The COS quilted bag became the must-have darling of the year, thanks to Blackpink’s Jennie Kim and Shinee’s Key. It’s squishy, it’s chic, and it comes in three sizes – a bag for every mood. Practicality meets posh in this quilted wonder.

12. Friendship Bracelets

At Taylor Swift concerts, the crowds weren’t just singing – they were trading beaded friendship bracelets like it was a global bracelet bazaar. Swifties loaded up their arms with friendship bling, spelling out song names and inside jokes. Even Jennifer Lawrence and Nicole Kidman joined the bracelet bonanza. Because nothing says “we’re mates” like a beaded masterpiece.

13. Chanel Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Even though “The Idol” had a shorter run than your last attempt at a morning jog, Lily-Rose Depp left an everlasting impression in Chanel’s skinny cat-eye glasses. These frames are so exaggerated, they’re practically a comedy sketch – a fitting metaphor for a diva losing it behind the scenes.

14. Alaïa’s Tastefully Opulent Mary Janes

Pieter Mulier unleashed the Alaïa Mary Jane flats in 2022, but in 2023, they became the holy grail of shoes. Tight color palette? Check. Materials from velvet to crystal-embroidered mesh? Check. These Mary Janes are like your nan’s scones – always a good idea, and everyone wants a piece.

15. Cheetos

Hold on to your teacups, it’s the snack that’s snuck into the fashion trends this year – Cheetos! Florence Pugh made it cool in Vogue, Collina Strada collaborated for the snack’s 75th birthday, and Kim Kardashian graced the cover of GQ with a bag of Cheetos. In 2023, nothing tastes as good as orange Cheeto dust feels on your fingers. Fierce, fashionable, and a tad cheesy – just the way we like it.

So, there you have it, chums! The whirlwind of fashion that was 2023 in jolly old London. From pantless wonders to frog wellies, the Brits sure know how to make fashion as unpredictable as the weather. Here’s to more cheeky trends, daring choices, and laughter in the wardrobe department. Keep calm and stay stylish!

Until next time,