Secrets of the Street: How London’s Sidewalks Inspire Autumn Trends

Hola Sugarcups,

Autumn trends? Yes, we are ready! Hold on to your powder compacts and get ready for pumpkin spice and everything nice because the hottest autumn trends aren’t just about outfits inspired from runways; it’s all about the pretty streets and sidewalks – or should we say, the street style autumn fashion 2023! From back-to-school outfits to embracing blokecore fashion, the most fashionably diverse streets of London shows brilliant ways to dress for autumn 2023. It’s the fashion revolution that’s got everyone talking, and it’s making the catwalks feel a little more human – or at least a little more relatable.

Your favorite Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte will be back from September 7, and this officially marks the arrival of autumn for us (any Starbie-babe?). While Londoner’s are still rejoicing the last days of summer, the fashionistas of the city are walking through the streets in coziest autumn trends. This season, it’s all about pared-back, everyday clothes, but with a twist – executed in the best-in-class fabrics. Imagine throwing on an outfit that you could wear to take on the day, and then imagine adding some subtle, yet utterly chic details that turn it from mundane to magazine-worthy. That’s what Autumn trends 2023 is all about.

If you thought I would be routing for the low-rise jeans and sequins for the supermarket run, you might want to think again. No amount of fashion news data and analysis can convince me to go back to low-waist denim. The autumn trends, this year, seems to have a slightly more subdued vibe, with a touch of anxiety still hanging in the air. But that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloomy; there are plenty of exciting trends to look forward to.

The Key Autumn Trends 2023

Power Dressing 2.0

With all the old-money hype going on with Ralph Lauren’s new collection campaign, strict black coats are making a sober presence felt as a most significant autumn trend. Not to mention, the classic white shirts are back but styled in ingenious ways. Corporate-infused looks are blending pinstriped suits and ties, because if a financial crisis is on the horizon, you might as well dress for that promotion! It’s a great time to get your hands on power suits – blazers, waistcoats and smart trousers and layer it with a turtleneck. You can add a dash of glamour with a bright colored tie to your monochromatic suit to rock the autumn trends boat.

Made for Metallics

Now, let’s talk sparkle. Our Instagram is flooded with “Summer is not summering’ memes because of the London weather being at its best – the constant switch between sun and rain and sun again leaves us wondering what to wear. Fret not, Londoners know how to style for this annoying days! Shimmering metallics are in, and draped liquid lamé is here to dazzle you. To add fuel to this sparkling fire, the custom Dolce & Gabbana glittery bodysuit worn by the iconic Beyonce during her Renaissance tour raised the demand for silver and golden metallic bodysuits and dresses.

Floral femme? Nope, Gothic Floral!

There’s a defiant, punkish energy in the air paying homage to the late, great Dame Vivienne Westwood. Florals are taking on a slightly gothic tinge, and sheer, lingerie-style fabrics are paired with knickers and tights for a “woke up like this” nonchalance. Floral tops are elevated with masculine charm for a more laid-back, yet chic and sophisticated style.

White Shirt era

But amid all the glitz and glamour, timelessness is the name of the game. It’s the perfect time to seek out investment pieces because autumn trends’ hero items include a white shirt – a timeless and curiously famous piece. White shirts make everything look neat and put-together. Despite being called a summer essential, autumn trends are incomplete without a transitional switch of linen white shirt to poplin/cotton/crepe blend white shirt. White shirts have always been wardrobe essentials, but this season, they take center stage. Wear them long and lean, opt for a boyish look, or embrace the charm of pinstripes paired with boxers – the choice is yours.

Scarfs, Ties and more…

As the mercury starts to drop and we ease into autumn, don’t forget to throw on a dramatic scarf. Drape a tartan blanket scarf over your blazer and secure it with a gold pin, or invest in a cheeky brooch to accessorize your long, woolen scarf. You could even knit one yourself if you’re feeling crafty. Another hit accessory is the choker neckpiece. From denim choker neckpiece which can be worn in a multiple ways, the classic neck tie is back in action. Reuse your tie and wear it as a scarf over your tube corset for the autumn trends-ready look. Take things in a tonal direction or add a cheeky brooch to your scarf. Fashion is all about staying warm and stylish simultaneously. After all, we should all be following Westwood’s maxim: “Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

All about silhouette

There’s a plain-speaking chicness about autumn trends most wearable looks that may seem formulaic at first glance. Pair a grey hoodie with a strong-shouldered camel coat and pants, or rock baggy blue jeans with a striped shirt and a trench. But remember, it’s all about those superior specifics – wafer-thin leather, sequin linings, and artful details that make these outfits stand out. The hourglass silhouette is having its moment, with chunky belts cinching in everything from skirts to suits. And speaking of suits, Gigi Hadid rocked a black Versace skirt suit that’s got everyone talking about Sophia Loren’s proportions. It’s all about emphasizing the waist this season, and we’re here for it.

Corporate but make it Baggy!

Corporate comms are heating up, with shirt and tie combos making a major comeback as a street style autumn trends to flaunt. Pinstripes are vying for the title of employee of the month, and power shoulders are impossible to ignore. The message here is clear: dress for the job you want! Pro tip: Wear the broad sunglasses to cut off those blue rays and blue-blooded villainous smurfs around you.

Cozy and call it Fashion

Lastly, autumn trends also talks about sleep optimization as you’ve never seen it before. The Miu Miu models got dressed in a hurry, with waistbands of tights yanked up over cardigans, and even a missing skirt – but it didn’t matter because their knickers were sequinned. It’s all about underwear-centric looks this season, so you might just trade your trousers for an extra five minutes in bed with culottes shorts and tights. The fashion police of London chic street style approves us of wearing corduroy short-sets to a beautiful brunch spot you planned to visit with your bestie.

In all, the precious metals are lending a much-needed dose of color to autumn trends this year, leaning heavily on black, gray, navy, and chocolate brown. So there you have it, the Autumn Trends 2023’s biggest trend – street style cool, classic and the details that turn everyday clothes into fashion statements. From sequins to pinstripes, it’s a season that offers a little something for everyone. So go ahead, embrace your unique style and order yourself autumn’s first Pumpkin Spice Latte!

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