Summer Sale 2024 – “All I got is this fabulous wardrobe!”

Hola Sugarcups,

It’s been a hot minute since we last chatted. Between attending my favorite event (did I mention I went to London Tech Week 2024? Wink, wink) and celebrating my pre-birthday (who knew my husband can plan a really well?), I’ve been a tad busy. But now that the sun’s out and London’s weather is pretending to be California, I’m back with a sartorial vengeance. So, grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into my wishlist for the Summer Sale 2024.

  1. The Cardigan: One minute, the sun’s out, and you’re basking in its glory, and the next, it’s hiding behind the clouds, leaving you shivering in your summer dress. That’s where our trusty friend, the cardigan, comes to the rescue. This green gem from Kiwi and Co is not just a cardigan; it’s a statement, a conversation starter, a head-turner. Pair it with jeans for a casual look or over a cami top for those summer evening soirees. And remember, while the British weather might be as reliable as a chocolate teapot, a stylish cardigan never lets you down!

2. The Gingham Dress: Gingham is associated with Summer day-out for some reason. This Anthropologie number is giving me major picnic vibes. Pair it with a biker jacket and heels, and you’re ready for a night out at the pub.

3. The Baby Tee: I’m currently obsessed with baby tees, especially ones with cheeky slogans. This one from Stella Studios is a definite must-have slashed down during sale or not!

4. The Mules: These Zara mules might not be the comfiest, but who cares when they look this good? The 90s pointed toe is giving me all the Spice Girls nostalgia.

5. The Denim Bermuda Shorts: Long denim shorts are making a comeback, and this pair from COS is on my radar. Just imagine them with a matching shirt and delicate sandals.

6. The Evening Top: I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous top from Anthropologie. It’s the perfect ‘jeans and a nice top’ top. Plus, it’s on sale. Score!

7. The Waistcoat: I’m on the hunt for a brown waistcoat that doesn’t risk a wardrobe malfunction. This one from Valtta is what I’m stalking.

8. The Football Jersey: I’ve been toying with the idea of jumping on the football shirt trend. This pretty Adidas jersey might just be my gateway.

So, there you have it. The fashion pendulum has swung, and we’re all aboard the slow-fashion now. These versatile pieces are like the Swiss Army knives of your wardrobe – dress them up, dress them down, they’re game for anything. And as we approach the Summer Sale of 2024, choose pieces that will stand the test of time, much like a fine wine or a British sitcom. 😉 So, go forth, shop wisely, and remember – a stitch in time saves nine, but a stitch in slow fashion saves your wardrobe! You’ll be thanking me later, just you wait and see.

Until next time,