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Talking about global fashion influence, London Fashion Week 2023 is shooting the temperature high. The fashion week is approaching and I’m finally turning attention to the spring summer 2023 fashion trends to bank on. Being called the most dialed-in cities in the world, London is ready to inspire Summer 2023 in the eclectic way. In this post, I’m going to share all the details of the designers to watch out for and what are summer 2023 top fashion trends you should not shame if you miss.

It takes a village to put on a show as big as London Fashion Week 2023 and there’s a lot more than designers and runway. The POV of this post reflects what I see as an IBT and what would a lazy enthusiast fashion analyst vouches as ‘The Summer Fashion trends” for the year. This year, the London Fashion Week takes on from Friday 9th June 2023 in a digital and physical format with a morning event by BFC Network Breakfast. Followed by Farfetch Beat 009: Browns x Crenshaw Skate Club Launch Event in the evening with an exclusive collection of menswear. Next up, Justin Cassin, the definition of laid-back sophistication and Los Angeles based – Takashimaya.com is blessing us with the next season’s collection.

The next day, that’s Saturday 10 June 2023 opens a panel discussion of BFC and The Asian Man: An Exploration into The Forgotten Style Tribe, followed by Qasimi by Omer Asim and Salim Azzam’s presentation. Based in the city of fashion, Qasimi builds up from its Middle Eastern heritage and will glorify London and the world with its flair of uniting cultures. Following presentations, the class of 2021 of the Ravensbourne University London will win over with their designs on the runway of London Fashion Week 2023. Sunday, funday – but make it Fashion with a panel discussion with BFC and a music performance. The fashion week’s last day – Monday 12 June 2023 rolls out Saul Nash’s collection of technical garments, swaying between fashion and dance cult. Followed by ‘The Best of The Best’ of Africa’s Luxury Couture to the World and a final show by Models of Diversity Fashion Revolution. Stick around to get the insider’s take on the coverall of London Fashion Week 2023.

London kissed good-bye to the drawn-out winter days and we’re off to the stellar start of Summer. The top summer fashion trends 2023 is the continuations of New York runways and build on last February’s most loved looks. With the squad of new and innovative designers, fashion week sealed in the comfort and elegance for Summer 2023. Keep scrolling for the fashion scoop where I analyze and decode the top fashion trends of the year:


Gen Z are embracing the floral and summer affair with a twist. Floral prints in dresses are
eschewed this summer in favor of technology. With 3D intervention in fashion and retail
industry, designers, and fast fashion brands are vouching for 3D floral prints for summer fashion
trends 2023. Get ready for supersized floral top, rosettes choker and create fashion statement
of your outfit. Most fashion runways this year saw floral in bold versions, and it clearly means
that everything is coming up rosy!

Linen neutrals

Are you dreaming of a beach holiday this summer like me (giving cue to my husband). Runway
fashion designers across the world have made linen worthy of giving a shot. Not the strongest of
fabric, linen is yet the coolest of all after cotton. Catwalks of sustainability-driven designers
were awash with linen shirts, dresses, pants, and tops – evoking the emotion of calm and cool
summer days.

Laces and Sheer

This season designers are going bold than ever. While inner wears are already introduced as
outer-wears, laces and sheer goes a notch up this year. The summer ready-to-wear collection
includes gorgeous lace tops, bodysuits and even blazers that look stunning paired with pants.
Not just trims at the hem of a slinky silk dresses or tops, lace tops and bodysuits are presented
in the most elegant way. About 59% of the designers included lingerie in their runway collection
this year. Be it with layers in winter/fall, laces and sheer fabric is one sleek way to toss your
summer evening go-to outfit.


The analytical data on fashion trends for summer screams that denim sits on the top of
summer’s most selling fashion trend. Denim is more than your favorite humble jeans. The fabric
blossomed into different dimensions. From dresses to co-ord sets, skirts, even jewelry and belts
– denim with fringe, embellishments and dyed are everything for summer 2023.


Inspired from the street style stink, cargos and parachute pants are back in the big way this
summer. From fast fashion brands to high street brands, parachute pants speak summer 2023.
Baggy fit, exaggerated pockets and drawstrings, parachute offers an elevated look in the laid-
back style.


The vests are on all over the fashion sphere. From denim vests to cotton vests, this piece is a
versatile addition to the wardrobe and can be layered light or heavy if London gets to its chilly
weather out of the blue (Iykyk) There are some stunning co-ord sets of vests and smart trouser
to brace this summer heat.

Maxi lengths

Maxi hemlines are in vogue, and this is everything we need this summer. Maxi length dresses
and skirts are feminine and look beautiful on all body shapes. It can team up with a crop top, a
nice button-down shirt, t-shirt, or a pretty blouse as well.

Verdict: Four fashionable cities – New York, London, Milan, and Paris and 247 shows, Spring
Summer 2023 is summed up with the most seen and top fashion trends of 2023. The most
glorious feast of all, fashion shows pump up magic in the retail industry and this year. The
above trends are not the unknown terms, we all have seen them in a way all through the years but what makes them hit again is how they resurged into a new dimension and adopted with the tech-savvy Gen Z and millennial’s world. It’s your time to translate these looks IRL.

Until next time