Trend Talk: Glimpsing the Runway Magic of Pure London, Scoop Fashion, and Source Fashion!

Hola Sugarcups,

Of all the trend talk and Gen Z’s sense of fashion adaption, I’m kicking back on this fabulous fashion fiesta that took place at Olympia, London last month in July 2023. I’m reminiscing about the mind-blowing presentation done by some of the most talented fashion designers around the world. The edition of Pure London, the Scoop Fashion Show, and the electric Source Fashion by Hyve Group were nothing but a sheer futuristic fashion extravaganza!

Pure London 2024: Where Diversity Meets Green Glam

Picture this: a runway with an international flair, where fashion meets Mother Earth with a high-five. Pure London went all out with brands strutting their stuff, and guess what? Sustainability was the word of the day. From rocking recycled fabrics to waving the eco-friendly flag, these designers showed that fashion and the planet can totally be BFFs.

Oh, and speaking of trends, can we talk about the glitter and glam that adorned the collections? Pops of color and embellishments brought life to the runway, proving that winter is all about fun and self-expression. Plus, tribal prints on fabrics? Yaaas, please! Shoutout to Kali Works | L’Atelier Kali Inc. for those tribal vibes that make us feel like we’re exploring new fashion territories.

Scoop Fashion Show: Glamour Reloaded

Hold onto your hats, because Scoop Fashion Show was all about that old-school elegance mixed with a dash of modern-day sass. Think graceful silhouettes and fabrics that whispered luxury. If you’re a fan of timeless styles, you’re in for a treat.

And guess what’s lighting up the trend radar for 2024? It’s embellished knitwear, baby! These cozy knits are bringing back the glam in a way that screams, “I’m comfy, I’m chic, and I’m totally rocking this winter thing!” 

Source Fashion by Hyve Group: Where Fashion Meets Sci-Fi

If you’ve ever wondered what fashion in the future looks like, Source Fashion has you covered! It was like stepping into a parallel universe of bold experimentation, futuristic vibes, and designs that made us feel like we’re on the set of a fashion-forward sci-fi movie.

The scoop here? Classics aren’t going anywhere, but they’re getting a futuristic twist! Traditional styles are getting a high-tech makeover, with unconventional materials and shapes that have us channeling our inner space explorer.

2024 Trend Forecast: Blending Tradition with OMG-Futuristic

Hold onto your hats (and those fabulous handbags)! The fashion forecast for 2024 is all about that fusion of old-school vibes with “I just landed from the future” energy. Sustainability? Check. Pops of color? Double-check. Embellished knitwear that’s giving us life? Triple-check!

So, my fashion-forward friends, get ready to rock the runway (or, you know, the sidewalk) with a style that’s all about embracing the best of the past while diving headfirst into a dazzling future. Whether you’re into eco-friendly ensembles, classic elegance with a twist, or something that screams “fashion from the future,” these trends are here to make your wardrobe pop!

Keep slaying, keep styling, and remember – the runway of life is all yours to strut! 

Catch you on the fab side,