What’s Cool In London: How Blokecore Is Making Sportswear the New Street Style

Hola Sugarcups,

If you’ve been missing the charm of Ted Lasso and want to add a touch of sporting culture to your everyday style, look no further than the latest TikTok sensation known as “Blokecore.” This unexpected fashion trend has taken the online world by storm, combining sportswear with a fashion-forward twist that has captured the hearts of many.

Originating as a satirical gag by creator Brandon Huntley, who playfully dubbed it the “Hottest Trend of 2022” amidst discussions on everyday masculinity, Blokecore has now evolved into a genuine style statement. What’s interesting is that it draws inspiration from the everyday English geezers of the 1990s, who effortlessly rocked the jerseys of their favorite football teams. For these blokey men, wearing their star player’s name-emblazoned jersey was a tradition before heading to the pub and later to the bustling stadiums.

Fast forward to today, Blokecore has transcended generations, with younger millennials and Gen Zs embracing the trend starting from London to across the fashion world. They can be seen rummaging through vintage footy jerseys at thrift stores and pairing them with hard-to-find Adidas sneakers and classic Levi’s jeans.

Fashion stylist Irene Tsolakas suggests that Blokecore is versatile and can be adapted to any style, regardless of gender. You can keep it traditional with baggy, low-slung jeans and Samba Adidas sneakers, or take cues from fashion icon Bella Hadid and pair your favorite jersey or sweater with a printed skirt for a more feminine touch.

While some might view Blokecore as a commodification of fan-culture, it also encourages people to engage more with the teams they are representing. The trend has echoes of the ’80s Casuals subculture in Britain, where football fans merged their love of fashion with sports-adjacent designer clothing.

Adidas, Fila, Ellesse, and other street-style brands have risen alongside football culture and continue to be at the heart of blokecore. This high-low fashion trend has become accessible to all, combining affordable streetwear with stylish accessories like expensive sunglasses and the right-shade denim.

Interestingly, Blokecore has even caught the attention of high-end fashion brands. As I analyze, luxury collaborations like Gucci’s partnership with Adidas and Aimé Leon Dore‘s designer football jerseys bring a touch of opulence to the trend.

Celebrities like Rihanna and Hailey Bieber have already embraced Blokecore, flaunting their designer versions of sports-inspired tops. Additionally, Blokette core has emerged as a subset, with women creatively incorporating ribbons, skirts, and ballet flats into their looks, giving the football jersey a chic twist.

As we cheer for the Women’s FIFA World Cup 2023, even pure sportswear brands like Nike are joining the Blokecore movement, designing extensive collections for teams and their fans.

So, the next time you head to the stadium or the local pub, channel your inner Blokecore with your favorite football jersey paired with cult-favorite sneakers, dark-wash denim jeans, designer sunglasses, and a cap. And with the World Cup around the corner, there’s no better time to unleash your blokecore-inspired self and own that footy fashion!

Cheers to Blokecore and all the footy fun! Keep it stylish, London! 🙌⚽️