Summer Fashion Trends 2023: How to Cool Off This Season

Hola Sugarcups!

Let’s kiss dreary winter months a good-bye because now is the time to reinvigorate our closet with the spring summer fashion trends. The fashion trends 2023 is evolving and being inclusive of Gen Z’s definition of “comfortable fashion”. Spring fashion trends this year is all about shopping the most comfortable pieces that are versatile and sustainable at the same time. The fashion weeks were flooded with trends that didn’t disappoint us. Here are top 10 biggest Spring Summer fashion trends that I’m itching to add in my shopping list ASAP!

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  1. Sheer layering

Sheer clothing is out in full swing. Many iconic high-street fashion houses like Chanel, Versace, YSL and Burberry are favoring the transparent dressing trend with their oozing collection. The see-through spring summer fashion trend is introducing the peekaboo pieces for the season. Bare it all alone of layer it with a camisole or add a playful bralette or sport an athleisure bra, sheer layering is a hit anywhere. Quickly being adopted by fast-fashion Zara, sheer styling is one of the most glamorous fashion trends 2023.

2. Sexy denims

We are resurging the sexy-denim-days with denim being one of the coolest spring summer fashion trends. The designers got the inspiration from the 90s and approved by Gen Z, this year, the denim is revived. Maxi denim skirts, denim shirts, jumpsuits, low-rise jeans, denim corset tops and more, the spring fashion trends holds a special place for denim diggers. Where Bella Hadid’s Givenchy buckle top exuded utilitarian sultry look, Stradivarius’s denim buckle top is a cheap thrill at its best. Oh, and the first-ever Stradivarius AI collection, the dopamine dressing is making a ripple effect and is going to stay for this season.

3. Motocross Racer

The spring summer fashion trends 2023 is sure taking us on a drive. Whether you fancy motor racer dressing or not, the phenomenal fashion weeks blows you away with the street-smart racing jackets, mixed faux leather, and details. The racing biker jackets add that high-octane edge to any outfit instantly.

4. Cargo & Parachutes

With Gen Z raving all about Y2K styles, it is mandatory to extend Cargo and parachute pants in the spring summer fashion trends this year. The viral Cargo pants bring in the utilitarian-comfy style to everyday dressing. These are the days of low-slung, Brittany’s big, belted skirts, boiler suits and t-back tank and cargo pants.

5. Best Boudoirs

Season of 2021-22, Boudoir dressing has taken the front seat among the most celebrated spring summer fashion trends. Criticized for not being office-appropriate, the fashion trends 2023 made it official that ONLY the best boudoirs go to the work. With ripped knit-wears and arm warmers, we have seen boudoirs picking up the momentum. Dip your toe in this seductive and most influential spring summer fashion trends with lace trousers, soft sequined bodysuits, satin slip tops, shimmery sheer hand gloves and so on.

6. Black is still the BEST!

This is indeed the most unpredicted spring summer fashion trends of the year. While spring summer spells all things pastel, neutrals and whites, black shade keeps the bar high by dominating the evening wears and power-suits. Black corsets in soft, breathable fabric takes most of the color palate this year.

7. Tailored pantsuits

Talking about tailored pantsuits, we have been layering them with turtlenecks in winter. The spring summer fashion trends this year dictates a breathable way of baring the pantsuit. Leaning into softer, slouchier shapes, the vest and trouser co-ord will dominate the pant-suit landscape.

8. 3D Florals

The groundbreaking 3D florals are a result of Gen Z’s love for metaverse. With AI monitoring the retail and fashion industry like never before, the 3D floral design and style becomes one of the most beloved spring summer fashion trends. Ethereal hued styles, frothy flower tops, bags and dresses, the fashion trends 2023 champions the classic flower corsage in the 3D version.

9. Glittery Metallics

Of course, we have seen metallics on many runways before and this time again, these spotlight-grabbing metallics sits with other biggest spring summer fashion trends this year. Add a knitwear in metallic fabric or go all-in with a glittery dress. With flashy fashion you sure will never have a dull moment. Take your cues from the fashion week and build on your appetite to bare glitter and bling all your way.

10. Cute cut-outs

The cut-out style had a major moment this year and it continues to woo us in the spring summer fashion trends this season as well. The trailblazing trend went viral with TikTok influencers featuring cut-out bodysuits with cargo pants and cut-out dresses with a lace-up details. The fashion trends 2023 is loving the geometric designed, cute, proportioned cutouts all the way.

Although many of the trends might sound like a continuation of those displayed on fall and autumn fashion weeks, the spring summer fashion trends 2023 is the much-needed refresher version of them. This clearly means that with just a few pieces to include in your shopping list, you will save a lot than splurge like you did before. Thanks to the Gen Z for making conscious

fashion choices. Fashion is cyclical and it is our responsibility to make it sustainable in the most glamourous way. Those who said comfortable clothing cannot be called as fashion, said it WRONG!

Hope this spring summer fashion trends rundown was noteworthy for you.

Until next time, chop-chop!