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Summer is marching in and after all the festivities and celebrations, I’m back to my work life. A tough reality check! For those following me on Instagram already know what all is happening around me. I’m so grateful for all the encouragement I’ve been receiving to expand this Raw and Toasted blog to food & travel stories. Today, I’m sharing one of my travel story featuring Surat’s Rajhans Belliza hotel. Rajhans is a group of companies and Rajhans Belliza is a luxurious residencies newest project.


Rajhans-Belliza-Hotel-suratRecently built, Rajhans Belliza Hotel offers 7 star luxurious serviced residencies in Gujarat’s diamond capital Surat. I got to stay at this one beautiful, large and comfortably furnished room on 13th floor. The gorgeously designed architecture of Rajhans Belliza has left a strong impression on me. The parent company – Rajhans is known for its grandeur and this new project Rajhans Belliza looks incredible! With a circular architectural design, this hotel addresses sophistication and style at its best.

Rajhans Belliza Hotel Review

My magical experience with Rajhans Belliza started right from the moment I entered the main gate. Set in the most convenient proximity to the city and commute mode, Rajhans Belliza located just near the airport. This hotel has a well-coordinated airport transfer, which I personally recommend you to pre-book. Rajhans Belliza is managed by Svasti Group and have decently systematized the walk-ins. The registration is smooth and streamlines the entire arrival process. They’ve 24 hours working the front desk. Consequently, you can check-in on your own time suitability. I loved the intact projection of the property, especially Rajhans Belliza Hotel’s restaurant area. The lobby itself had several different sitting areas, all luxurious, a great first impression.

Rajhans-Belliza-Hotel-SuratTotally overwhelmed with the magnificence I met this very sociable lady Ms Kajal who handles the reception desk. The check-in process was super quick and the bell boy Prashant walked me to my room to view my home for the next two nights. Two bedrooms, living room and a balcony; my room is a spacious living space. The living room has a kitchen set-up on the left as I enter the room and followed by blue-ish grey cotton blended fabric sofa and a TV. Two fine-looking master bedrooms with king size bed and TV in each. Additionally, the room is equipped with an electric kettle and tea facilities.

Rajhans-Belliza-Hotel-suratFurthermore, there are ample of other amenities like the basic crockery, iron, free Wi-Fi, mini refrigerator and microwave oven. There’s a beautiful game zone that is accessible for the guest. A health club and gym facility that certainly pumps your weekend fitness goals high. A laundry service in the morning and locker facility to secure the valuables. Rajhans Belliza has its own multi-cuisine restaurant ENJOY that serves one of the city’s most palatable food. And guess what, you can get finger food 24 hours in Rajhans Belliza (sooo much to love about it). There’s a Spa service centre too to complete the entire holiday home package.


Rajhans Belliza Verdict

I was in no mood to bid a goodbye this flawless property on the last day. Not only that the entire offering was brilliant, but, even the staff really walked an extra mile to offer a very warm and personal touch to the whole experience.



Rajhans-Belliza-Hotel-suratThe stay just cannot get any better with all of these conveniences. There are two categories of the room – Comfort and Elegance room. and one can easily feel home the moment you enter in. These luxurious rooms are on sale and you can even rent your home. You can either contact Rajhans Belliza hotel number or go through other online booking agents like I did. Rajhans Belliza is about 250+ rooms each in two 13 floor towers and that means you can probably count on it. Thus far, the Rajhans Belliza in Surat city is my favorite in the city and I would be very happy to recommend you. For me, this is absolutely going to be my only stay-in-place during my every Surat stopover.

Rajhans-Belliza-Hotel-suratSo, now I can picture myself enjoying a cup of tea while looking out at the pool or garden right from the balcony of my hotel home soon! 

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