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2018 has a lot more power than the last year. We all are growing; learning and adopting things that make us strong and confident. Technology too has its own way of creating changes in the zone. OnePlus is up with the very new OnePlus 5t series of smartphone. Isn’t it the most used technology by us? Whether we are at work or just out for a dinner, we can’t just think of putting off this now-essential gear. In today’s post, I’m sharing my hands-on experience with OnePlus 5t.


From OnePlus Twitter

There are a few things that matters to all of us while picking the right cell phone. How censoriously we surf about that one model and finally conclude on buying it or not. I followed the same formula! My travel calendar looks very bursting and I’m frequently on the go. For me, battery life of the cell phone is crucially important. With most cell phones that I’ve used, the battery life starts shortening after a year of use. But, with OnePlus 5t, I can bet this is never going to happen! I’m using this smartphone since two months now and all I’m sharing here is out of my familiarity.


OnePlus 5T: #ShotOnOnePlus

OnePlus 5t is the most powerful smartphone I’ve ever used. The basic force of Snapdragon 835 united with the light and efficient Oxygen OS is a blend to crave. Additionally, there is fingerprint sensor and Face ID that are superbly quick.

There is 3300mAh battery and it can easily last for more than a day. My work demands me to browse data and this clearly drains out my phone’s battery but not now anymore with OnePlus 5t. The game has changed and even with my heavy usage, I still have more than 30% juice remaining at the end of my working day. Moreover, there is a dash charging technology that can top up the battery faster than any other fast charging technology out here.

OnePlus 5t is a boon for those having hard time to save battery life of their phones. More features like dual Apps are supplementary benefits. OnePlus is using a distinctively better Samsung AMOLED panel that goes almost edge-to-edge. It’s such a fantastic screen of 6 inch to consume full-screen movies and other multimedia content.

Camera is the most fundamental feature we all look forward to. And why not, who doesn’t like to capture moments in this fast paced life? Being a blogger, it is very essential to capture better pictures for the blog story. We just can’t neglect the visual appeals – be it a travel, food pictures, fancy architecture, fashion pictures, portraits or landscape like panorama mode. OnePlus 5t has removed the Zoom lens on the second shooter and the second sensor is used in very low light conditions. Besides, filming and video recording is a cake walk! Without facing any trembles (because of the in-built stabilizer) I can shoot beautiful videos on OnePlus 5t.


From OnePlus twitter


Mehendi Art By Gurinder Saini

Random shot

Shot in natural light

Low-lit shot

OnePlus 5t: Final Verdict

This one from OnePlus has roofed all the essentials for the new age smartphone fraternity and the overall experience is very satisfying. OnePlus 5T indeed feels like a complete phone compared to anything in and around Rs. 35,000 scratch. So, go and pick up the standard variant of the OnePlus 5T right now from Amazon India.


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