Hola Sugarcups!

There is no way better than starting Monday by sharing a style story with my beautiful folks here! Hailing from a country like India, you just can’t predict what the weather would treat you with. We are in the second month of Monsoon season and weather already gives me Winter chills in between (the dramatic drop of temperature from 41 degree Celsius to 23 degrees is challenging at first). The result was I finally let out my bomber jacket to rescue the radical climatic condition.

Bomber jacket is a boon when it comes to defeating Monsoon drizzles (which we mostly experience) and the drop of mercury making me shiver. Of course I love this season and dressing up for Monsoon is quite fun since you don’t really have to look for the perfect pant to go with your blouse. One can always celebrate the season by sticking to basics. Today I’m sharing one of my Monsoon wardrobe staple that works fantastically fine from AM to PM 🍬

Everything exalted the modern-day chic with this cozy bomber jacket from Nike. Fishnet and floral inserts in the inside of the jacket allows the bomber to stay stir from being clumsy and sticky. With heavy humidity in air, I hate to glide in raincoat that is never going to sheild me completely, and additionally will perspire me even more with its fabric (a total NO NO)🤕 🤒

The military, rigorous feel of the jacket with a cuffed sleeves and waistline has two zip pockets on each side is an absolutely captivating take on Monsoon fashion. This bomber baby is pretty easy to carry even during travel and takes little space to fit in my hand luggage💃

Three major DOs for your bomber jacket’s long life:

1. Always try your bomber jacket before keeping it in your bag or warbrode.
2. I usually keep handful of coffee beans in the pockets and in the folds of the jacket so when I take it out, it smells fresh and coffee aroma on a gloomy day is so my thing!
3. If you are having hard time because of the frequent weather swings, you can make it a style statement by dropping one shoulder off and believe me this is the TREND you gotta be doing 👑

I hope you enjoy this story and I’ll be back by with a new one on which I’ve already started prepping up.

Until next post,
Jasmin 💋