Hola Sugarcups!

Can anything be more feminine and sophisticated than a lace outfit? This one trend characterizes a womanly charm and hence I’ve made my mind that I’m keeping this for the new season too. I usually like to wear regular work outfits like pants and a blouse or tee with a cardigan outside as well because it is effortless. Lace outfit was something I was too afraid to wear to work or even off-duty due to the alarming peek-a-boo until I exposed a new way to upgrade this ultra feminine trend of 2018.

In this blog story, I’m sharing five ways one should wear lace tops in summer as well as for early-winter days. My style is categorically schizophrenic; it does change from day to day a lot. It really depends on my mood: sometimes I’ll wear a basic white tee and tuck in for some casual hang-around-the-city dressing. Then sometimes I’ll be moody and just wear a flowy maxi dress.

The lace top is one of the brand new obsession in this year and I’m glad I’ve given it a try not too late. This white crop-length lace top is from Dressbery and believes me, I’m never soooo thankful to myself for buying a crop top then. I’m not retiring myself from this beautiful lace top even through the colder days (of course, with layering game on point). I wore this pretty lace top with a bandeau top beneath and teamed it with a girly sky blue pleated midi-skirt. Keeping hair and styling to minimal, I tied a half knot and left other section of hair free and grabbed this attention-grabbing sling bag.


Lace Top: Should Do and Shouldn’t Do

1. Do: Watch what’s beneath.
When minimal trend is having it’s moment, let’s not over emphasis what’s beneath and opt for neutral shade.

Don’t: A see-through bralettes sure looks appealing on models on the ramp but let’s get a bit real. We don’t want to objectify our assets, no?

2. Do: Style check.
When I say, I’m not giving up on lace top, I consider the weather and alter my style accordingly. If it’s getting colder outside, I can put on a smart denim jacket over it.

Don’t: Don’t follow the trend carelessly. The lace top is in trend, but when you are not convinced, don’t push yourself.

3. Do: Colour conveys more.
The white lace top is very modest and looks beautiful during daytime while black lace is powerful and expresses glamour; an evening appropriate indeed.

Don’t: You shouldn’t mislay the colours when it comes to lace trend.

4. Do: Dress up or dress down
My look here is somewhere between total dress-up and dress-down because I opted for a casual sling bag and a pair of white sneakers. You can raise the fashion bar by switching the accessories; a metallic clutch and a metallic stiletto for an absolute dressed up look.

Don’t: Whether you opt for dress up or dress down, mind well the place you are visiting and you are all set, either way, darlings!

5. Do: Play around!
Lace tops are extremely classy. You can wear this in countless styles. Bring in some androgyny by wearing a white lace top with flared, high-waist jeans and a pair of mules. Layer your lace top with a strappy maxi dress for a bohemian chic style.

Don’t: You should NEVER go with contrast camisoles under your lace top. It is so old school and trusts me it will wipe out the symmetry of the lace outfit.

This is it for today; let me know what do you think about it and stay in touch with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Until next post