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First thing first; Happy International Women’s Day my darlings! Sending you all chocolates and pastries – because your girl is been quite caught up to post. Wedding after wedding and one celebration lead to another. From wearing my favorite angarika kurta with pant to draping a saree, my winter was never this warm. With spring almost in, I decided to share one of my wardrobe staples and surely every girl’s go-to piece – Jumper top. Popularly known as sweater top. The word jumper is disposed of because of the knitting difference in comparison to the sweater. Jumper is majorly loose-knitted while sweaters are closely knitted woolen pieces. We limit wearing it to intense cold days.

I’m under a spell of this gorgeous pink jumper top that I picked recently. 2019 saw the rise of slouchy as well as structure silhouettes. This oversized jumper top is one of the best of both worlds. While they are usually worn over a shirt with the workwear pant, I thought of giving it a go with my athleisure outfit.

Jumper Top: How I Game The Trend



In first look, I pulled my hair up in a twisted low-bun. With a silver metallic choker which has this stunning embellishment that just adds the 90’s glam. In the second look, I twisted sides of hair’s section and grip it around the temple of my hair with bobby pins. Don’t kill me for wearing shoes here too 😂, but my feet were pretty much happy after wearing heels with my traditional dressing past two months. Though, a signature pair of mules (either elevated or flat) or a black or brown pump shoes is all it takes to make this jumper top work your evening party hopping mood.


Jumper top is one of the most talked, old school romance that your mother would resurge her college days. To change up your dressing game this season (without changing out your jumper), here are 5 ways to elevate your basic top to look chic and stay comfortable this season. It’s time to take fashion inspiration from what this queen mother’s era paraded years back 🤩

1. Jumper top over a dress

2. Jumper top over a top

3. Jumper top under a coat

4. With a jumpsuit

5. With a skirt/Co-ord


With a busy schedule and a length of a to-do list that we make and make efforts to crack it, your jumper top is an easy option that you know will never disappoint you.

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