Hola Sugarcups!

Sharing today’s post has been like opening my mind and putting up the real self in front of you all. It is exciting how far we have come together; from my first blog post on WordPress to here, this online space is giving me all thrills. I’ve always been an introvert, I seldom use to have this huge group of friends or rarely I like going to places where I’m suppose to be surrounded by people. This blog space has been a major medium of revising myself.

Yes, certainly transforming myself was challenging! It all has to start when I decided to begin my blog journey. I started clicking pictures, first of things and then of self and eventually I think this has helped me to accept myself. Of course there are hundreds and thousands of fashion bloggers who are doing miraculously great, but each of us are different, right. We are as unique as our fingerprints and that’s the niche!

I’m always somewhere between adopting a complete feminine style to manipulating myself in some androgeneous style. Oh and I won’t deny I’m indecisive at times, just like we all at some point, I do end up losing my mind over things that I really can’t fix. They say time heals everything and you gotta wait for your time, but honestly I’ve been there and done that – time NEVER heals, it is your inner will of getting over the instance that heals. You SHOULDN’T wait for your time, you should keep taking that small steps until your TIME ticks in.

I’m living this two-person-life right now. Even my close family and friends never get to see this side of me which I share here for my small beautiful family of you all. The only reason why I choose to be two persons is there is mystery to unfold every time I blog. Whenever I’m planning my blog story, I keep on looking for things and inspiration where I can express how I feel at that particular moment. My sense of style may absolutely be unlike the other bloggers or sometimes it might resonate someone, but actually, it is me. It has been 4 years into blogging career. I love my work and I’ll keep on doing what I love. It feels me with sooo much happiness that you all have been a part of my journey so far and has been my support system.

I hope my work inspire you and push you to reach your goals in life. I’m utterly grateful for all the love and wishes. Do drop your suggestions and thoughts on it. You can find me on Instagram (rawandtoasted).

Until next post

💓 Jasmin