How to wear belt with kurti

Hola Sugarcups!

Sure your closet has behold many trends and with every season, those trendy pieces act reciprocally by dropping in and dropping off. But, the basics – white T-shirt, perfect pair of blue jeans, denim jacket, classic black bag and nude heels- are forever. These trends will never go out of rage for years and years. Of course, they’ll graduate with some metamorphosis but then who would mind if the change is a bit more fancier, right?😉. Today I’m talking about one such trend of the era – BELT.

How to wear belt with kurti Belt has a very street-style appeal in general and they are name of the game when it comes to dressing. Whether you are a jeans person or kurta person, there is nothing an appropriate belt can’t do. Belts add aesthetic charm to the entire look. The rule of thumb says, broader belts for slimmer waist-line and thinner belts for heavier waist-line. Though I personally insist on investing in four sort of belts – a broad corset belt for dresses, a narrow one for everyday dressing, a statement belt for dressier occasion and a classic black leather belt. I just got myself one cut-out golden plate belt from my latest trip and this is one BIG love!

How to wear belt with kurti Monsoon dressing is tricky yet fun because you need to pick outfit that works fine in pouring rain or sunshine (you don’t want to look like a fool wearing that white sheer shirt, do you?🙁🐩). I’m not really excited about the idea of wearing long kurtis, I rather prefer going with a short kurta and an ethnic jacket over it or a fancy bottom because I hate getting my long-line kurti’s hem getting spoiled in mud 🙅🙆. Recently, I found home wearing an ankle length oversize kurta this season. To balance the oversize audacity, belts come at rescue like a hero! Clinching the pleats in the sides with the help of belt will not only draw a symmetrical silhouette of the outfit, but also adds grace.

I’m wearing my favorite Chikankari baby-pink Kurti here. This is oversizey and that allows me a room to play around. I completed the look with Sterling Silver tassel earrings and this statement cut-out plate belt and oxford shoes.

Let me know what do you think about it.

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