Hola Sugarcups!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I took an amazing time with family as we went for a fine dine at a beach-side restaurant. Today’s post is very special – so here comes the most awaited ‘The Modern Disney: Meet The Mickey Mouse Life’! I know how we love our favorite fashion combos – jeans and tee; and there is no way better than wearing your juvenile infatuation cartoon characters! From the recent fashion week in Seoul, the wonder house of Walt put up with its fancy cartoonized theme and brought the Disney vibes back. There is nothing fancier than an outfit that takes you back to your childhood days, isn’t it? With  identical colors and shades of yellow, pastel pink and polka dots, the ramp was haggard in all-Disney dreams.

Believe me, the optimist character Mickey Mouse has a magic to make things brighter and he is just irreplaceable! This summer, Disney is up with some of the coolest tees, bags, shoes, tops and pants in its superhero series and the most adorable Mickey Mouse.

Disney inspired tees are just so in rage and are fun to play with. You can probably dress in one of its dress for a day-out with friends or slip in one of Disney loafers for a brunch or coffee date. You can play up by teaming it up with a flared skirt or tucking in a denim for a Friday-appropriate work wear.  I love the fact that it is so reliable standby outfit that I know will always look great. Lately though, I’ve been obsessed with Disney’s hippest collection on store. 2017 has embraced a lot of 90s and this is one of the best and most stylish trend to wear all year long. No matter how gloomy the day looks like, you can always lift yourself with a dose of Disney.

I’m wearing this cute oversized Mickey Mouse tee from Disney with a skinny fit denim jeans and tied a red faux leather belt. I kept my hair in a one-sided flip. With my backpack and a sport shoes, I was all good to go for a movie followed by a coffee.

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