Hola Sugarcups!!

Boyfriend jeans For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a jeans and tee kind of person. The luxury and comfort this duo offers is honestly unbeatable. I probably wear same form of outfit a few times a week (without feeling guilty). Of course, I have a special corner for cute dresses and shorts. Though the city I’m hustling in, requires me to pick more modest option and since then jeans and tee has become my second skin. The moment i say about jeans and tee, people synonymously replace it with ‘TOMBOY” style. And yes why not when ‘boyfriend jeans’ are slaying the work to twerk trends. The fashion meter has to skew towards A-GENDER line. I’m the most happiest person when androgeneous style was shown on fashion runways. That has to shoved me to shoot for this dapper tomboy style.

I’m so excited to share this outfit! Boyfriend jeans heeds from a 80s where high waisted and torn jeans were the most flattering pair. In today’s post, I’m wearing one such boyfriend jeans. It’s the perfect casual outfit and this Disney inspired Grey polka dots backpack is giving me all the heart eyes 😍! I grabbed this grey backpack from my lastest Thailand trip. Teaming up with this baggy boyfriend ripped jeans from Zara (rolled the hem to my ankle). Time for some silver kicks 😝 – I paired the silver trainers from Koovs that goes super well with the outfit. My aim was to keep the outfit as minimal as possible since these shoes and bag make such a statement and a there is nothing more chic than a white tee! Limiting myself with almost no-jewelry and accessories except for my watch and Pearl ear stud.

Boyfriend jeans fall mid way in the scale of Androgynystyle to Femininestyle. You have to choose and play around to create a polar effect on scale. I completely wanted to trick this bit masculine, a bit laidback and very stylish boyfriend jeans with Silver trainer shoes and Disney backpack.

Photoshoot theme concept: The outfit (boyfriend jeans, Disney backpack, silver trainer shoes) has a very laidback style which takes me to a place where things are going on a slower pace. The under construction building 🚧 screams perfection in its own way. The undone yet so polished, prime and perfect look of the site had my hands down for this photoshoot. Photo credits to my dear husband DJ TOONS.

Until next post,