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I’ve finally scooped some time to recollect all the beautiful memories of my last vacation trip to Bangkok. My Insta fam already know how crazy it was. However, I want my extended reader family here as well to know what all places I went and hence this post. We Indians ain’t the legendary travelers in the world. We like keeping safe, staying within the comfortable hotels, not trying different cuisines and following the beaten path. But for a twist, me and my husband planned to explore Bangkok a bit differently. Of course we did some shopping but it was just not intentional.

Bangkok is a home of shopping aficionado and night-life buffs. With a fair number of party hot-spots, the city is a always bright and blooming. We had a standard Bangkok itinerary handed by our tour manager when we arrived at Swarnabhumi Airport. But, it was our mutual thought to ball out Bangkok city by our own and thank God we did that.

Tiger Kingdom, Bangkok

Wat Traimit, Bangkok

When we started out, I felt that Bangkok is a nothing more than just a fancy shopping place and partying destination. Until I actually explored off-beat destinations here and saw that the city has a lot to offer. I believe it just reveals its secrets slowly. So, if you are planning to visit Bangkok, this post is will definitely inspire you to ditch tourist ghettos and go all out to find a city full of places that’s worth seeing than just shopping and club hopping in Bangkok.

5 Places To See in Bangkok

  1. The Grand Palace

bangkok-off-beat-places-to-seeCalling for off-beat places, the very first I can think of is the Grand Palace of Bangkok. It is quite a famous attraction among tourists. Keep your camera ready because this place and the beauty is worth capturing. So intriguing!

  1. Bangkok Scala Cinema


Hailing from Siam Square, Scala Cinema has a discreet single-screen experience as compared to the huge multiplexes situated in Siam Paragon. This movie theatre is exquisitely maintained. It is worth a trip not only for the bargain priced seats and popcorn, but also for the retro style setting. The ticket counter in the cinema, the ceiling of the building altogether takes you back to old Bangkok 60s days.

  1. Klongs

bangkok-off-beat-places-to-seeThe best way to get a taste of Bangkok’s past is to explore the klongs (canals) on a long-tail boat. On the west side of the river in Thonburi one can get glimpses of what Bangkok was like before the skyscrapers and six-lane expressways. The traditional long-tail boat ride is an experience in itself.

  1. Royal Thai Air Force Museum


Is jet and aviation your jam? Then the visit to the Royal Thai Air Force Museum is a treat for your soul. You’ll find vintage collection of airliner that depicts the history of Bangkok’s royal aviation. There are some thirty airplanes exhibit outside and a few large hangars inside the periphery of museum.

  1. Fresh Flower Market


And yes, shopping is an intrinsic part of the city. There are wholesale markets with everything from clothes to footwear and gadgets and accessories. One market that attracted me to the most is Pak Klong Flower Market. Its a feast to watch heaps of beautiful flowers being organized from wee hours. It fills the place with delightful scents and isn’t that a pretty start?

Whether you are a backpacker or on a family vacation, Bangkok has so many things to do rather than just shopping and I’m sure now you believe me. Have a great holiday!

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