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They say ‘simple is significant’ and I totally believe in it. Today, I’m talking about this one fashion accessory that justifies the quote effortlessly. The one accessory that keeps you up with time stretch. Yes, you guessed it right – wrist watch is one of the most substantial accessory in the fashion glossary. I’m talking about my new love Daniel Wellington watch in today’s post (I hope you’ve read my Little Accessory Edit inspired by French culture) P.S. this is not a sponsored post and whatever I’m sharing is my personal involvement and experience with the product.


Let’s get real, our lives are wild! We are on our toes, running errands and jumbling between different roles. From an uncompromising professional to a dedicated wife. There is no Monday-to-Fridays for us. The job responsibilities changes but not the person. Spending most of the weekends running around town to find that particular mood for my next blog story is my summary in brief.


Of course, we have the luxury of smart watches now but you just can’t deny the old-school romance of flat-dial wrist watches. Daniel Wellington has revived just that and wonderfully! The Nato-inspired strap watch is one classic jewel you must own forever. It is smart and snazzy at the same time. Minimalistic design and uncomplicated details such as standard white, red and blue striped-lines and a hook-belt, this brilliant piece goes great with formals as well as casuals.

Accessory On-Point: How I Wore My Old-School Love



I decided to buddy-up this pretty accessory with an athleisure outfit. I’m wearing the black jogger pant that has pleats on the waist line (giving it a Chino-style) and a grey spaghetti-sleeves bodysuit, both from Koovs. With weather being so breezy, I planned to throw on a denim jacky from Abof that has embroidery details and this artisty line – ‘Art Comes First’. Take a moment and just see how strikingly they’ve put ‘Art’ on first place (no gender biases, no cultural differences) – just like Daniel Wellington’s Nato series.



They are unisex and irrespective to age, anyone can flaunt this beauty. I finished off the look by gliding into this black espadrille from H&M that I bought during the sale at a steal price. Keeping my hair half-done in top-knot and no-makeup, I’m all set to go on a looooong road-trip (there is a thing about road-trips, no?). There couldn’t be any more accessory than a timeless Nato-strap wrist watch. Wearing my old-school romance accessory and listening to some house music completes my holiday mood handsomely.


I’m so obsessed with this one that I’ve got myself two! And now I’m very excited to give away one Daniel Wellington Nato-strap watch. You can get it simply by sharing this article with two of your besties and the cherry on cake is; they too, might get a chance to win something special! (you can share either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) tag me so that I know when you share. Hope you enjoyed the post.


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