Hola Sugarcups!

Grey sky, long drives and the plush green trees; what’s not to love about the rains? Cutting off the obvious potholes, mud ponds, traffic jams and those oversized plastic raincoats. If wearing white in Monsoon scares you then brace yourself for this new wild card way of putting up with white that is trailing all over the fashion pitch. Say hey to cotton dungaree💘. In today’s post, I’m sharing my tried and tested way of carrying of white dungaree when it is raining all the way.

WhiteIf you are anything like me then your wardrobe has a large number of white, black, grey and some more white😬😝. I always like to add a popping element when it comes to dressing, say, if I’m wearing a shirt dress in black, I’d complete the look with a quirky sling bag or a corset belt. This helps in bringing LIFE to the outfit. I’ll share some of the brilliant ways you can incorporate white this season in the latter part of the story. My personal favorite at this moment is this pretty cool white dungaree.

If you are planning a brunch date this weekend or a movie date with your girlfriends or may be it is just a casual coffee shop meet, white dungaree is super comfortable and very easy to style on. The relaxed silhouette of dungaree offer an opportunity to lower the fashion bar to match the weather. I wore this lavish white dungaree with a blue-stripe crop top. White dungaree is a fashion staple just like the classic LBD. Dressing up is so fun – if you heading to a dance club; you can team it with an embellished or sequin top. It’s this easy! 😉👅💕

5 Ways You Can Wear White

1. Layer it!
Wear a white dress and shrug up a denim jacket or a Kimono to avoid those unwanted peek-a-boo moment.

2. Trench coat
A long line trench coat is all you need to add an appropriate amount of elegance to your favorite white T-shirt.

3. Pair it right!
Pair your thick cotton shirts with your regular denims and prep for the rains by adding a pair of gumboots.

4. Skirt it!
I love bodycon dresses💖! But having to wear a white bodycon dress while the rain is parading all the way is tricky. Wear a cool crop sweatshirt or a denim top over your bodycon and finish the look by tieing a belt around making it look like a skirt! 💃🙅

5. Accessories, baby!
If you are still not sure on trying white as an outfit, you can always opt for a white accessory! Pick a white umbrella☔ or a white bag that goes well with your semblance.

Let me know what works best for you when it comes to Monsoon dressing. I’m always a sucker for white and I finally got myself sorted to wear the color this season.

Until next post,