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While on our never-ending journey for a healthy and a happy hair, we’ve been spending way too much on hair care products and hair spa appointments. Because I know that the struggle is real; I can truly understand and relate it when we have our makeup and outfit on point but the baby hair or the frizzy hair make the entire look so undone. The hottest month of the year, May is upon us and with all the summer skin care regimes that we are following, its time to take some serious hair care lessons that really work.

hair-care-summerMy hair is straight, thin and has a silky texture that often become wild and unmanageable because of the weather and pollution. Summer, here, being a combination of humidity and dryness takes a toll on my hair, enormously. The humidity in the air affects the hydro-bonds of the hair and that means my hair will guzzle up more moisture – more moisture makes hair look flat and volume-less. The constant exposure to direct sun cause hyper dryness and the more our hair is being exposed to sun, the greater the chance of ’em loosing the natural protective film. The wind further worsens the situation by giving in space for hair to form ultra small tangles. The result is dull hair, lifeless, brittle and prone to severe hair-fall.

hair-care-summerAs a defensive solution, we bring home assorted hair care products and schedule a hair spa to treat the damaged hair. Unfortunately, the summer affected hair is hard to fix with just basic hair oil or through nourishing shampoo, it needs extra care, the real care to work on each strand of hair. The UV rays destroy the texture of hair and hastens the process of greying. I’m just like you all! I’ve honestly tried every single piece of advice from my mother as well as researched on internet on how to get the perfect healthy and happy hair. Some worked for me whereas a few didn’t. So I thought of sharing the tricks that worked on me and of course is at the comfort of home.

Beat The Summer With 5 Hair Care Tricks:

  1. Condition it!

Invest in a hydrating hair conditioner. Just as sunscreen acts as protective screen for our skin, a good moistening conditioner repairs the damage to a large extent. Apply it through the strands of tresses and wash it off after 2 to 3 minutes. I promise you’ll feel your hair becoming soft and supple.

  1. Magic potion: Vitamin E + Olive oil

Ditch your regular hair oil with some super nourishing Vitamin E and olive oil. Vitamin E acts as a mending machine for hair! It nourishes each strand of hair making it look glossier and healthy. Mix Vitamin E and olive oil together; olive oil will play a role of defending curtain and that means lesser chance of UV rays to penetrate the scalp.

  1. Call of caster oil! 

The thick caster oil is a godsend blessing for hair follicles. The cooling effect of caster oil calms the scalp and drops down the greying process of hair. Massage it directly and let it stay overnight. Doing it once a week works phenomenal for any type of hair texture.

  1. Honey for hair!

Honey has plentiful beauty benefits for skin and health, and you’ll be surprised to know, the antioxidants in honey will eradicate dullness of your tresses. Yes, honey is nurturing agent that smoothens the hair texture and makes it more manageable and polished.

  1. Eat well. Treat well.

Above all, have a balanced diet to ensure your hair is getting the minerals and nutrients it needs from the food. Vegetables, fruits, milk and diary products improves the overall health of your hair. I highly recommend and bet by a bowl full of home-made curd in the morning every single day. Also, avoid keeping your hair open when you are traveling, have a couple of hair band to save your delicate tresses while you hustle, darling!


These are all my tried and tested tricks that is really work magic on my hair and I’m pretty confident that you’ll love this small yet significant tricks for maintaining your hair’s health. Do let me know what are your summer-proof hair care tricks this season. You can follow me on Instagram (rawandtoasted) and Twitter (@rawandtoasted) for fashion, lifestyle and homestyle stories.

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